Tips abound for saving your hard earned money

As I was scanning the net this week I came across an amazing Web site, listing a whopping 118 ways to save money while in college. 118 tips! I don't expect you to head over the the site and read all 118 posts, lucky for you, I picked the ones I thought were most important. To view the whole list, click here. The list is broken down into 13 categories.

Managing the Money You Have:
Keep track of your banking/checking account -- Taking out too much money can end up costing you a lot of money through overdraft fees. If you use a debit card, be sure to know how much is in your account, you can continue using your card, and continue down into the red, without your card even being declined. Make sure you know your bank's policy on overdrawing and the fees they charge.
Pay credit card bills on time -- Another way banking companies can charge you is through late fees, sometimes as much as $50 a month. It's also important to pay your bills on time so you don't lower your credit score. Also, make sure you don't go over your credit limit each month.

Buy in bulk -- Instead of buying just a six pack, buy a 24 or 30 pack of the cheap stuff. It'll last you longer and cost you less money. If you're into liquor rather than beer, a cheap 5th of vodka might cost you the same as just one or two drinks at a bar.
Drink where there are specials -- Find out what bars are having specials on drinks you like, and go there. A lot of bars, especially in college towns, offer specials each night of the week.
Make your own -- If you're more of a wine connoisseur and you have extra time some weekend, you can make your own wine. Learn how here. This can also be a great, inexpensive gift idea for the holidays.

Borrow -- If you know someone who already took the class you're in, see if you can borrow their book for the semester, if they haven't sold it back already. You can also check to see if your college's library has it available, or if you can get an inter-library loan from another local library. If you know someone in your class, another option is to share the book, and split the cost.
Buy Used -- Buy used textbooks whenever possible. Sites like Amazon and Half.com offer used books for cheap. As an English minor, I've bought books from Amazon for less than $5. You can't beat that!

Take advantage of your meal plan -- If you live on campus and have a meal plan, use it! Try to use up all the meals you have each week. You're paying for it on your student bill, so be sure to use it.
Skip the coffee shop -- If you have a caffeine addiction like I do, and you're going to Starbucks or the coffee shop on campus every day, you are wasting a TON of money! Buy your own coffee maker instead, and you will save a lot of money in the long run.
Clip Coupons -- I know this seems like something only your mom does, but if you cut out coupons every week, you could get some really great deals. Also keep an eye on ads in the local paper for weekly specials at your local grocery store.

There are way more tips on the Web site, in categories such as art and entertainment, off-campus living, shopping, and transportation. Be sure to check it out for more easy ways to save your money.

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