American Apparel's D.I.Y Halloween: Hipster Tested & Approved

If you've procrastinated deciding on your Halloween costume, well, American Apparel, the largest clothing manufacturer in the United States, has done the work for you. There are many easy-to-create costumes featured on their website. Each costume is accompanied by a step-by-step video. (I suggest turning the volume off. The sound on all of the videos is pretty annoying.)

The costumes range from the tongue-in-cheek ("Gold Digger", "Nudist Colony," and "90s Preggers") to the cleverly cute ("Rainbow," "Grapes," and "Black- eyed 'P'").

American Apparel is known for their racy ads, so expect the same from their Halloween costumes. (Dov Charney, the mastermind behind American Apparel's advertisements and a 1970s aficionado, was spoofed on Saturday Night Live recently. Watch it. It'll explain a lot.)

My favorite costume, hands down, is the laundry basket. There are only three steps. Tie a sock in your hair, get in a laundry basket and add dirty laundry. Of course, that explanation isn't quite enough, so watch the step-by-step video.

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