"It's like Facebook only more stylish"

There is definitely a market for books that teach you how to have style. In the past few years alone, Rachel Zoe, Tim Gunn, Victoria Beckham, and Nina Garcia have written style guides. All of the guides claim to teach the reader how to have confidence, how to make the most of and personalize your wardrobe and how to cultivate good taste. That is a lot of cover in 200-300 pages.

Isaac Mizrahi, who has a ready-to-wear line at Target, decided to tack his name to the list of style guide authors even though the competition is stiff. How to Have Style is much like the other style guides, but there is one key difference: Mizrahi attempts to create a community. In the book, he helps 12 real women with wardrobe problems. He offers tips and solutions. He also shows you how to make an inspiration board. (My inspiration board is shown at left.) The guide tells readers to visit his website, Isaac Mizrahi NY. Mizrahi thinks it's important for women to interact with others about their wardrobes. At the website, you can look at Mizrahi's inspiration board, fellow member's boards or create your own. Mizrahi encourages members to "share ideas about style, inspiration, and fashion."

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