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That's right, cool people. Unfortunately, a lot of tabloidey stuff happened this past week, so I'll get that out of the way quick and we'll all acknowledge that none of it matters and I'm only posting it because everyone else is. Those of you with brains, skip everything in the lines.


Britney Spears released a crummy song this week called "Womanizer". Everyone loves it. In fact, it's made a record setting 96-1 jump on the billboard charts recently. Woo hoo. She hasn't been number 1 since "...Baby One More Time" in January of 1999. I can't really decide whether this is good or bad for America.

Meanwhile she's dealing with that driver's license issue from last year. Apparently she crashed into someone while the paparazzi chased her, then didn't have a California license. It's all dumb, really.

Then, of course, is the whole Madonna getting divorced thing. Raise your hand if you haven't heard this already. Well here's some news for you: The divorce settlement with Guy Ritchie hasn't been settled yet. That's right...something NOT HAPPENING that WILL HAPPEN is news now.

Thank the gods that's over.


Now for some really real music information.

We'll start with an update on the Travis Barker/DJAM plane crash. As you remember, they were the only survivors of a horrible accident and were holed up in the burn ward for quite some time now. Well, Barker was finally released from the hospital on Friday. And DJAM? He's back on stage already, performing for two hours with Jay-Z. Glad those guys made it.

In unrelated news, The Chinese Democracy track list has been officially released, meaning the long-awaited Guns n' Roses album just may be coming out for real after all. Apparently, the first thing you hear on the album is Axl Rose screaming, which could be a great thing or a horrible thing. Only time will tell, but I'm looking forward to it.

In Music-That-You-May-Not-Know-But-Is-Awesome news, Ween has been going through their material archives to put together a cd/dvd set, due Nov. 11, that will include live material and other great stuff. Oh yeah, and they're commissioning a coloring book. An official band coloring book. Yup...They're great.

Pay attention now, because I've saved the best for last. I hadn't heard about him until very recently, but a blind Aboriginal man named Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is an absolutely mind blowing singer/guitarist who stole the show at the Australian Music Awards on Sunday. I can't even describe how amazing he is, so I'm going to put up a video and implore you to watch it.

People, this is music. Not that crap you see on MTV. I dare you to put Lil' Wayne or Miley Cyrus on stage next to this man. Want to learn about humility? Yunupingu uses his music awards to open clams on his home island.

See you next week ladies.

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