One soda won't hurt? Guess again.

As a former New York State Dairy Princess, I am always telling friends about the benefits of drinking milk. Just to name a few: osteoporosis prevention, reduced risks of heart disease and lowers blood pressure as well as reduced chances of certain kinds of cancer (breast and prostate being the main two).

However, one fact that comes into my almost daily conversation, is that soda is not only unhealthy for you, but actually reverses the good effects milk is having on your body. One 8-oz serving of soda will deplete the amount of calcium you had in two servings of dairy today. That means, if you were to have one soda today, you would have to have at least five servings of dairy, as opposed to the recommended three servings of dairy a day just to make up for the damage you've just done to your bones and to ensure the continued safe growth and strengthening of them.

Now, if you are thinking, "well then I'll just take some calcium supplement pills," think again. This won't help. It is the combination of the nine essential nutrients in milk which help to make your body healthy in so many ways.

I was shocked when I found this video on youtube. Apparently soda does numerous things to your body which will have huge, negative impacts on your life.

So next time you reach for a soda to help you get through studying for that huge biology midterm, think about grabbing some iced tea, or better yet, milk, instead.

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