Just another Manic Monday Oooo Wee Oh

Bangles anyone? No? Well Prince wrote it so give me a break. Forget it, I'll just give you your music news and go...

PHISH IS REUNITING AND MAY BE TOURING AGAIN THIS SUMMER! Three gigs in March have been confirmed so far, but they plan on announcing more 2009 dates early next year. This is exciting news, people. It's funny how I feel about this one. When Brett Favre pulled the old retire-unretire, I though he was kind of a jerk. Phish is doing it now though, and I'm psyched. I never got a chance to see a Phish show before, but I've already gotten a group of people together to go this summer. If you get the chance to go, don't miss it. I'm serious.

And another quick little concert update: Coachella has been moved up two weeks this year. Anyone planning on going or interested in the event should be aware that it's going to be held April 17-19 now. It'll still be at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California though.

Oasis has a new record out! I haven't heard it yet but I'll post a link to the New York Times review; just because I love Oasis and they seem to as well. The album's called Dig Out Your Soul. Go purchase it. With money. Because Oasis is good enough for your money.

Oh yeah, and Carlos Santana is planning on starting his own church in Hawaii someday. I gotta admit, Hawaii would be a great place to live, and starting your own church sounds like a great way to pay for it. I wonder if he plans on playing his guitar at the altar. That would be cool.

If you've been watching the Red Sox play at Fenway this week, you may have noticed the smooth sounds of Neil Diamond pumping out of the stadium speakers in the 8th inning of every game. Noone is sure why that is. My theory: It cant be coincidence that baseball is played on a diamond....

Also, Clay Aiken is gay. This came as a shock to his millions of fans, known as Claymates. Apparently, however, there may have been clues in his latest album. Really? There may have been clues? I never would have guessed it.

I saved the worst news for last. Music is dead. It was found on the ground in a dark alleyway this past week. A Paris Hilton-shaped entry wound in music's left temple was the only clue found at the scene. Let's all spend the next week mourning the brutal murder of sweet, sweet music.

Well, that's it for this week in music news. I'll leave you with the new James Bond theme, done by Jack White and Alicia Keys. It's called Another Way to Die, but it's much cooler than the title suggests. Plus, Jack White only barely looks like Michael Jackson in this one.
Just kidding. I love Jack White.
But not really. He does.
But I do love him and everything he does.


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