Ageless Wonders

Alright, before we get into this week's post I just want to keep you posted on some prior news. The Breeder's Cup is this weekend, Lee Corso fired a musket in the air during College Gameday last week, and the Bills are 5-1, maybe they are that good. Hopefully not though.

I'm sure you think I'm weird enough already for watching horse racing, but that's alright, because I regularly watch boxing as well. Well this past weekend the 43-year-old Bernard Hopkins thoroughly dominated the 26-year-old, middleweight champion, Kelly Pavlik. Hopkins was a huge underdog and was expected to be pummeled into retirement by the younger more athletic Pavlik. The fight just further cemented his place in history as one of the most crafty boxers in the history of the sport. I guess the old saying with age comes wisdom applies because, Hopkins is now being referred to as the ageless wonder of boxing. That got me thinking of other ageless wonders who just won't seem to go quietly into the night.

Here are some of the more recent aging phenoms:

Jamie Moyer: Moyer has been pitching in Major League Baseball (MLB) since before I was born. The man won 16 games this season and is appearing in the World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies this season. Just promise me Jamie, that if you win, you'll retire! Your 46 years old for gods sake.

Vinny Testaverde: Testaverde became the oldest man ever to complete a touchdown pass in the National Football League (NFL) last season at the age of 43. Vinny please don't break your own record, you have had a memorable career, and anything you do now just tarnishes it. You weren't just a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, you were the first Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback in 1987 when you were drafted. So this year when the Kansas City Chiefs call you, do what you tell your kids to do to drugs, just say no.

Joe Paterno: Paterno has been the coach of Penn State's football team and a legend throughout college football for the last 43 years. And he hasn't lost his magic, at the of age 82, Paterno apparently has visited the Fountain of Youth, becuase he has led his No. 3 ranked Nittany Lions to an undefeated record that they are taking with them to Ohio State this weekend. I'm rooting for you Joe, but seriously take the same advice I game Mr. Moyer, if you win it this year, retire. You were born in 1926, take some time for yourself. We'll even arrange some sort of deal with Bobby Bowden and you guys can share the all-time win record, you both deserve it.

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