If Dracula Bit Devastee in the Neck, He'd Get a Bloody Mary.

Paris Fashion Week is the place to show couture. Paris is home to fashion's favorite artists. Ann Demeulemeester, Balenciaga, Comme Des Garcons and Gareth Pugh choose to show there year after year. But this year, I wasn't really interested in the experimental pieces in Paris. I was more interested in pieces that would last the day, the season, the year...

That's where Devastee comes in. Devastee is a macabre fashion line that usually focuses on the darker sides of life. (Their latest collection was called 'Embalming Party.') But this season they mixed their darker side with a WASP-y side. The models wore their hair straight and parted down the middle. Prep school patches popped up on blazers and bathing suits. Striped shirts, low-slung pants, linen boyfriend blazers paired with vintage Ray-Bans and wedges were the ultimate in cool. I'd wear every single piece.

The show may not have been fashion forward, but in these economic times maybe that's not the end-all be-all of a good fashion show.

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