Temptation at a Glance

I stumbled upon this article today while browsing the web. It's about temptation possibly being a good thing while on a diet. It's an interesting article, however when I saw links on a few of the words in the article, I was disappointed to find that they were merely advertisements mixed in with the news. Distracting.

I looked on youtube.com for a video on temptation and the first one that came up was A Healthy Action Minute. Check out the official website for quick healthy habit tips each week. It's a fast way to learn something new to stay on track!

Another site talking about temptation and how to deal with it explains keeping fruit around to snack on is a healthy alternative. Also, making your own burgers or pizzas is a much healthier choice than going to Burger King or Pizza Hut. There is even a healthy pizza recipe at the bottom to try out! I haven't yet, but it sounds delicious!

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