Polyvore: Shopping Addiction Anonymous

Fashion bloggers have been obsessed with Polyvore since its creation. The clever site allows users to mix and match clothing and accessories found anywhere on the web to create outfit collages. While browsing the internet, users can "clip to Polyvore" or, more simply, import images into the database. Now every one can be a stylist. Watch out for the next Nina Garcia or Rachel Zoe.

And Polyvore is addictive. You can see what your wardrobe would look like with the addition of, say, Alexander McQueen's $3,000 leather pants from Net-a-Porter. You may have a college-student's budget but on Polyvore you can dream up outfits worthy of a French Vogue editor or at least a post on the Sartorialist.

Polyvore has held contests from brands like Nine West, eBags, and Topshop, so all of those hours "wasted" on the site creating outfits could win you a killer prize.

You should also check out Polyvore's Official Blog. It keeps readers up-to-date on the most popular trends found in Polyvore sets. Currently, the major trend is blouses, but blog topics run the gamut from "How to Dress like an Olsen Twin" to interviews with Polyvore members.

And if you really get interested add the Polyvore Application to your Facebook, so you can share your designs with your friends.

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