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This weekend I discovered an amazing web site. Okay, so maybe "amazing" is a bit of an exaggeration, but for my nerdy-journalism major self, I think it's pretty fantastic. The Web site is called UWire. Basically the Web site features articles published by college newspapers all around the country. Students just like you and me wrote every article, and they're separated by topics, such as opinion, student life, sports, entertainment, sci/tech and politics. It's pretty cool, you can see what is going on at other colleges and get other college students' opinions on different topics.

I found a cool article written in The Lantern, the student newspaper at Ohio University. What immediately caught my attention, besides the fact that it was written by a college student, was the great tips in the article. The tips in the article were suggested by a personal finance professor, and are all pretty simple to follow. One of the tips the professor suggests is keeping track of everything you spend money on every day in a journal. This would definitely be a good way to see exactly where your cash is going every day, and after continuing the journal for a week, you could then cut down your spending on certain things. For example. if you spend $50 on food in the dining halls each week, try buying groceries instead of eating on campus. In the long run, this will save you money. I think every college should offer a personal finance course for students, it's important to know how to manage all your debt once you graduate.

I also found this video, which gives some helpful money saving tips for college students. Enjoy!

Smart Money Management Tips for New College Students - Click here for more blooper videos

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