Don't wait to lose weight!

Numerous studies have been performed in the past decade proving an intake of 3 or more dairy servings (one serving being 8 oz.) per day is not only a healthy choice, but a weight conscious choice as well! A healthy diet rich in diary to lose weight, but keep your bone mass is probably one of the safest ways to slim down. The United States Department of Agriculture, USDA, provides a pretty complete nutrient profile of around 13,000 different foods to help you compliment the dairy diet.

The fairy new program, 3-a-Day, stresses milk, cheese, and yogurt for stronger bones and a healthier you. Look for the 3-a-Day logo on products in the store to make sure they are REAL dairy products.

The Diary Council of California provides some quick answers about dairy product, including a chart of how much calcium you need at your current age.

Drink up!

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