Hey! I'm James and I'm here to give you the best the Internet has to offer in music news. Music doesn't take the weekend off, so let's get right to it.

The big story of this weekend is that Travis Barker, drummer for the late Blink 182, and DJ AM, real name: Adam Goldstein, were critically injured Saturday when their private jet crashed during takeoff from Columbia, SC. the crash killed four others, but Barker and Goldstein, who are currently in critical but stable condition, are expected to recover from their burns. The cause of the crash is suspected to have been a blown tire during takeoff.
~What's great about all the coverage Billboard gave this story is that only once, at the very end of their initial report, did they bother to mention the duo's band, TRVSDJ-AM. The whole reason they were on the plane in the first place was because of a gig they did in Columbia earlier.

On the plus side, Metallica is finally eligible for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Unfortunately for them, they're up against the Legendary Jeff Beck and Iggy Pop's band, The Stooges. Good luck, Metallica.

And just because I love reggae, here's an excellent New York Times article about an up-and-comer in Jamaica. His name is Stephen McGregor, and if that sounds familiar to you, awesome, because it should. He's the 18 year old son of reggae great Freddie McGregor. It's a great piece and you should READ IT.

And if you want to read something sad: Oasis might cancel the American leg of their world tour after guitarist Noel Gallagher was assaulted on stage by a rabid "fan". I love Oasis and don't care who knows it, so this would suck for me. Anyways, I know you'll want to see the video.

And we'll end on a high note with Josh groban singing a bunch of TV theme songs at the Emmy's.

That's all for this week. See you next Monday.

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