Monday Music Update!

Hello Hello and I hope you all had a good week. It's time to start a new one with this hot dose of music and entertainment news. So without further ado, let's see what last week had to offer.

The question that's been on everyone's mind has finally been answered today. That's right, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year! I know Prince was amazing, and Tom Petty outdid himself last year, but I'm kind of hoping Brucey brings back the magic of the Janet Jackson show by exposing himself with a tear-away buttflap. Born In The U.S.A indeed!

All you dreamers out there can stop reading right now, because Robert Plant has officially denied rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. He's been so busy touring with Allison Krauss these past few months (great show btw) that he's decided not to tour at all for at least two years. This will come as a great disappointment to all the people who like to pay hundreds of dollars to see their favorite bands from the 70's sing like they're covering themselves.

And is the new Metallica album, Death Magnetic, too loud? Some metalheads think so. I wonder how much research went into this article. "Hey what do you think of Death Magnetic?"
"Too loud."

And The Great John Lennon's son is quoted as saying his father blew his eardrum out when he was a child in an upcoming Lennon biography. Apparently, Lennon was pretty emotional sometimes. I know I'll pick John Lennon: The Life up when it hits shelves soon.

I was very happy to hear that Frank Zappa's brilliant rock opera, Joe's Garage, has FINALLY been made into a full-on stage extravagana. I. Love. That. Album. Buy it or download it or whatever you have to do. Just listen.

UPDATE FROM LAST WEEK: Travis Barker and DJAM are out of the hospital. Those are some lucky guys.

Well, that's all for now. See you again next week!

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