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Don't worry, Music News is Here! Let's Get Right To It:

Remember all that talk way back about Dr. Pepper giving one free soda to every American on the day Guns N' Roses' new album came out? Well they lied, and now Axl is PISSED. You see, Dr.Pepper's website crashed from all the traffic it got when people stampeded there for free drink tickets, and barely anyone got their soda. Axl and his lawyers are accusing Dr. Pepper of using the band's popularity to increase brand awareness and demanding the company not only make good on its offer, but take out full page apologies in a number of national papers. I tried to get a free Dr. Pepper and couldn't access the website, so hopefully they comply with Mr. Rose's requests.

Those of you waiting to buy Beatles records on iTunes, rejoice, for the wait is over....NOT!
According to Paul McCartney, Beatles music still won't be available legally in digital form for quite some time. Apparently, EMI wants something McCartney is unwilling to give them, and negotiations have stalled. I hope it's never released online. Long live vinyl!

Weezer is releasing an album of old, unused tracks. I'm not going to get excited about that just yet. Sometimes songs are left off an album for good reasons. System of a Down released a similar album, called Steal this Album, and I thought it was great. So maybe this one will be too.

No Doubt is getting back together
for a tour and will be writing and recording new material by the end of 2009, according to the band's official website. Finally! I love No Doubt and couldn't stand Gwen Stefani's solo stuff. This is exciting news, people.

Travis Barker and DJAM will be performing together again on New Year's Eve for the first time since a plane crash injured them both and killed four others. The performance will be streamed online live that night and will be broadcast at parties all over the country.

A Norweigian escort is accusing Boy George of locking him to a bedroom wall and beating him with chains for hacking into his computer. This story, whether true or not, is hilarious. If only I had something like this to write about every week.

Finally, Kanye West is claiming to be better than Elvis. Remember when John Lennon said he was bigger than Jesus? Well this is worse. Kanye is so ridiculously into himself, he'll probably cry when an album of his fails. Of course, that would require the music-buying public to have good musical taste, which will never happen.
But I can dream.

Speaking of dream, let's end with something great. Here's a video of people from all over the world playing and singing Stand By Me. Thanks for reading.

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Elizabeth said...

1.I hope you get your Dr. Pepper.
2.Kayne West is craaaaazy.
3.Love the 'Stand by Me' video