Drink away Alzheimer's Disease with some Red Wine!

Alzheimer's Disease is becoming more and more prevalent in today's society. It is the most common form of dementia and I never paid much attention to it until about a year and a half ago when my grandmother was diagnosed with it. She and my grandfather moved here from Holland as their honeymoon. One of the first indications that she had it was when she started mixing up her children with relatives in Holland. Then she started speaking in dutch and couldn't understand why we couldn't understand her.

It is estimated that in 2006, around 26.6 million people in the world had Alzheimer's...and the number keeps rising. It is a mysterious disease which scientists have not found a cure for, nor what it's cause is.

However, a new study seems to prove that red wine may actually help to prevent Alzheimer's! (Previous studies have proven that red wine helps cardiovascular health)
It appears to be the polyphenols in red wine, which block proteins that build the toxic plaques in your brain, from forming. Red wine can even reduce the toxicity of any existing plaques. This means even if Alzheimer's has set in, the cognitive deterioration might be slowed.
Apparently, it is the amyloid beta-protein which causes Alzheimer's and the polyphenol compound, which is extracted from grapes to make red wine, is the component which attacks the bad protein. Crazy!

So, I'd say because there is no definite link to what triggers Alzheimer's, better safe than sorry! Now, I'm not recommending excessive drinking by any means, but a cup of red wine at dinner apparently can't hurt! Quite the contrary, it seems to do a world of good!


Elizabeth said...

wow, seeing as how alzhiemers is in my family, i guess drinking red wine would help to prevent it in the beginning. right?

Heather said...

My grandmother had alzheimer's for over 10 years. It was interesting, mind boggiling, and heart-wrenching. I guess when I'm offered red wine I won't pass it up for health reasons!