UO Gifts for Him (Under $50)

We often forget about the boys when it comes to fashion and accessories. The majority of the fashion industry focuses on what women should wear. Well, the holidays are approaching and it's time to show some appreciation to the forgotten fashion demographic. Urbanoutfitters.com should be your first stop. Their selection of men's shoes, fashion and accessories is never lacking. (And it never hurts for the girls to browse there for themselves. You might come across the perfect boyfriend blazer or cardigan.)

1. Musette Backpack $28.00 Bags should be classic, understated. And what's more classic than green surplus army canvas? This bag is best for boys on the go.
2. Ceramic Deli Coffee Cup $14.00 This sturdy ceramic cup is the perfect replacement to disposable coffee cups. It's kitschy and clever and mimics the iconic New York Deli cup. This gift is great for the eco-friendly boys in your life.
3. Marled Porkpie $28.00 This classic American porkpie hat in marled tweed is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. It's an interesting alternative to the baseball cap. And the feather adds subtle flair.
4. BDG School Colors Cardigan $49.00 This cardigan is available in several color combinations (Creme/Navy, Burgundy/Black, Black/White, Heather Gray/Black, Hunter Green/Creme, Red/White). You can pick your favorite color combinations or coordinate with actual school colors.
5. USB Fridge $32.00 This gift is for the tech saavy boys in your life. All you have to do is plug the miniature vintage-style icebox into your computer's USB port and within minutes your drink will be cold. The icebox fits a standard size can.


Elizabeth said...

that mini fridge is so cool. good for a boy and girls :)

BPB1 said...

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