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Hello everyone and welcome to Monday. Another week has gone by, and a whole lot has gone down in the music world. Some of it was cool, and some of it was lame; but most of it was just weird. In other words, it was just like every other week in entertainment.
Well I'm even boring myself now. Let's get to it.

The biggest story in music this week was the news that a Paula Abdul superfan committed suicide right outside the pop singer's home. Paula Goodspeed, who auditioned for and was featured on American Idol in 2005, died of an apparent drug overdose. She had been accused of stalking Abdul in the past, changing her name to Paula to match the American Idol judge. Godspeed was heavily ridiculed during her audition, which aired on national television. The show is being criticized now for humiliating some psychologically unstable contestants.
I would make a joke about Paula Abdul not having any fans left, but that would be inappropriate.

In completely and totally unrelated news, a poll conducted by Rolling Stone magazine has named Aretha Franklin the greatest singer of all time. Ray Charles came in second, followed by Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and John Lennon.
I don't really want to get into this, folks, because I could go on forever, but BOB DYLAN RANKED IN AT 7!!!!!! That can't be right. Don't get me wrong, Dylan is the greatest individual songwriter in all of history, but singer? No. Bob Dylan is not a better singer than Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Tom Waits, or countless others. Oh yeah, and how did Janis Joplin miss out on the top five? One could argue for Aretha, but Janis should be at least number 2. She didn't even make the top 25!
I'm done with it.

This might cheer you up. Ray Davies says the Kinks are writing new material for a possible reunion! You know I hate reunions, but it's tha Kinks. I'm trying to keep my hopes low for now, since Dave Davies still says he wants nothing to do with it. If he's on board, though, so am I. You'll hear more as I do.

Kanye West is still beating up paparazzi, this time in England. He did get arrested after this one, but was released without charge shortly after. I don't like Kanye or paparazzi, but I'll consider this one a win.

Now for the weekly obits. I'm warning you, the following sucks.
Mitch Mitchell, legendary drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was found dead Wednesday morning. He was 62. So far theyre chalking it up to natural causes.
Jimmy Carl Black, drummer for Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, died Saturday of cancer.
I guess it was a bad week to be a great drummer.

Michael Jackson gave up his Neverland Ranch, blah blah blah. He gave the deed to a company he partly owns. What a giver. I couldn't once make the sacrifices he makes every day.
I'm sick of him, really. Unless he's becomes the first man on Mars or singlehandedly solves the world's econimic crisis, I don't want to hear about him anymore. Ever.

It looks like the Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia is finally going to get his own biopic. The film doesn't have a cast listed yet, but I'm crossing my fingers for Leo.

Ladies and gentlemen, I've saved the very best for last. Paul McCartney is trying to drop a 14 minute long track the Beatles recorded in 1967 but never released. That's right, a new song from the '67 Beatles, and it's epic. All he needs is permission from Ringo, Yoko, and George Harrison's widow.
If this happens, I'll take back everything I ever said about Yoko. I promise.

Until next time, Barcelona!

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