Wii Fitness

I personally never had a Nintendo, nor any other form of gaming system. As a child I felt pretty deprived...and when I came to college and had still yet to play a video game. It goes without saying that I got some laughs. But most people have grown up with said systems. And most people have heard their parents yell at them countless times to go outside and do something more productive and active. Well, perhaps now with the Wii parents will start telling us to calm down so we don't bust the TV screen!

While some people have lost weight due to the Wii hand held device, the newest model is promising even greater benefits.
The Wii Fit offers skiing, tennis, golf, yoga, soccer, and even hula hooping. Yes. Hula hooping--the next Olympic sport? I wouldn't be surprised.
All of this is possible through the Wii Fit balance board. You simply stand, or position yourself, on this platform and perform the moves dictated to you. It can't get any simpler! All of the exercises are based on four different fitness categories: Aerobic exercises, balance games, muscle conditioning and yoga poses.

At least with the Wii Fit we don't need to worry about breaking any TVs! And it provides the convenience of exercising inside during the coming colder months!

I can't imagine what they are going to come out with next.

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